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Winterfrost Legacy

Nine Clans:

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Halflings, Orcs, Barbarians, Titans, and Giants

World Lore:

Long, long ago in the land of Daearen, nine clans united for the prosperity of all. This golden age lasted for centuries and may have lasted centuries more if not for the greed of the clan masters. Chasing legends of great riches far in the frozen northern reaches of Daearen, they led a great expedition composed of some of the greatest heroes the world had ever seen. When the expedition failed to return, the clans sent expedition after expedition into the north. These brave adventurers were thought to be lost until one day, an immense army arrived from the north, seeking vengeance against the leaders who sent them to die in the icy wastes. The Winterfrost War shook the alliance between the clans to its very core and though the invaders were repelled, paranoia and discord were to be the only legacy of this bygone age.


When your father Sol is murdered by strange invaders from the north, you and your brother escape the ruins of your home to seek an alliance with the other clans.

As the hero travels the world, they learn the other clans are beleaguered with perilous trials of their own. However, diverse as these threats are, each seems to have a connection to the mysterious Winterfrost Prophecies...