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Winterfrost Legacy Maintenance on November 11th


All Winterfrost Legacy Open Beta servers will come down for maintenance on November 11th at 04:00 AM EST / 01:00 AM PST / 09:00 AM GMT / 16:00 GMT+8

The maintenance is expected to take no more than 2 hours. For more informa

Patch Notes for 11/11 Server Update

New Features:

◆Wish Tree

Event Description:

1. Unlocks at Clan   Lv.3

2. Clan members can   help each other to complete wishes and obtain loads of items.

3. Gain Wish Tree   experience for each wish completed. The higher the Wish Tree level, the   richer the rewards.

◆X-Server——Cross-Server Lobby

Function description:

1.       Lvl. 62 players can enter the Cross-Server Lobby to meditate and gain large amount of EXP. Can participate for 8 hours per day.

2.       Cross-server PKs get higher grade meditation spots.

tion , please keep an eye on this thread