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[Update] Server Merge on Sep 1st @ 11:00 AM (GMT+8 )

With our first server launched back in August , the time has come to bring more people together from all over Winterfrost Legacy realms. To help create a more fun and exciting gaming environment, a server merge is scheduled to occur at 4:00 AM GMT (Sep. 1st)/ 11:00 PM EDT (Aug 31st)

US East Servers:

- S1 + S6 + S34 + S49 + S60 + S66

- S70 + S72 + S76 + S79 + S82 + S86

- S89 + S91 + S93 + S95 + S96 + S97 + S99

European Servers:

- S9S59 + S78 +
S94 + S100

The merge is expected to last about
 6 hours. Players from those servers may not be able to log in during this time, and we apologize for any and all inconvenience caused by this.