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Leveling Quickly

The more you level up, the quicker you can become more powerful and get new titles! Here are some tips to get you there faster.

Complete all main quests until you reach lv. 50. All classes should level up more or less at a similar rate.

There are two ways of obtaining bonus EXP:
One is by getting EXP Scrolls (used at lv. 50)  

Another way is obtaining life essence from the VIP Pack.

1. If the main quest requires a certain level, then you can continue to level up using side quests and merc quests. If you purchase VIP3 or above, you can increase your Life Essence and refresh merc quests.

2. Every 30 minutes you regain 5 points of Energy. After you start the final level in Chapter 2 of the Merc Trials you'll be rewarded with EXP. Excluding required quests, you can use Energy to refresh Merc Trials for more EXP.

3. Check out daily events for other ways to get extra EXP.

4. Meditation. Also known as AFK, you can do this both online and offline. You can do this for 24 hours at most in one session.