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Hestia Day Has Started!

What is Hestia Day? November 4th is Hestia’s birthday, and she’s keen to spread the pleasure among all her fans. But one day ain’t enough - Hestia’s got giveaways for TEN whole days!

Event dates: starts November 4th 2015; finishes November 13th 2015;

Event Link: http://www.r2games.com/activity/winter_puzzle/

Event 1

Jigsaw Bonanza


1. Click on [Click to copy link] and share the jigsaw link among your friends;

2. Your friends can then help you out by completing the jigsaw puzzle;

3. Each friend may only complete 1x puzzle for you;

4. Complete one whole puzzle and click on the treasure chest to generate a prize code;

5. Redeem the code in-game to earn your prize!


Complete 1x Jigsaw: Gold Pouch x10, Starsoul Potion x10, Jewel Craft Chest x8;

Complete 2x Jigsaws: Novice Aim (Mount) x1, Lv. 4 Jewel Chest x1;

Complete 3x Jigsaws: Steed Pearl x8, Soul Plume x8, Relic Ore x8;

Complete 4x Jigsaws: Novice Aim (Mount) x1, Lv. 4 Jewel Chest x1;

Complete 5x Jigsaws: Steed Pearl x15, Soul Plume x15, Relic Ore x15;

Complete 6x Jigsaws: Gear Geode x15, Novice Will (Wings) x1, Jewel Craft Chest x10;

Complete 7x Jigsaws: Gear Geode x6, Novice Fortis (Wings) x1, Skill Tome: Deus Wrath x1;

Complete 8x Jigsaws: Skill Tome: Cure x1, Lv. 4 Jewel Chest x1, Gear Geode x8;

Complete 9x Jigsaws: Jewel Craft Chest x10, Adept Choler (Mount) x1, 888 Vouchers;

Complete 10x Jigsaws: Goblin Rings x20.


Event 2

New Character + New Server = New Prizes


1. Click on the link at the bottom of the event page to create a new character in a new server, and then return to the event page;

2. A code will be generated for you to redeem a prize!

3. Redeem your code on the server in which you created your new character to earn your gift pack.


Event 3

Facebook Lucky Draw


1. Write a comment, detailing your new Character Name and the server number in which you’ve created your new character;

2. Hestia will draw the names of 8x lucky winners randomly, and they’ll be awarded prizes!

Winterfrost Legacy Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/winterfrostlegacy/