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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What level unlocks Bounty Hunter?

A: Bounty Hunter unlocks at lv. 65

Q: How do I play Chaos Chess?

When you open up Chaos Chess, you'll see a chess piece animate and move towards you. Click on that piece to initiate battle. You lose a star for every unit lost in battle.

Q: How do I get lv. 50 gear drafts?

A: Beat Chaos Chess for a chance to win gear drafts.

Q: What do Guardians do?

A: During battle, Guardians can cure your units or give them attack bonuses.

Q: What is Starsoul used for?

A: In the Guardian panel, you can use Starsoul to upgrade your Guardians' stars.

Q: How does Anima Altar work?

A: Spend Gold to increase the number of Anima you will collect. Be aware that there's a chance your Anima will shatter and you will receive less Anima.

Q: There are so many different colors of Anima, what does each color do?

A: Different colors of Anima unlock different levels of heroes in the Tavern.

Q: How do I get Slayer points?

A: For now, the only way to get Slayer Points is to team up with others in Team Boss.

Q: What are Slayer points used for?

A: Spend Slayer points in the Shop for items.

Q: What are Arena points used for?

A: Spend Arena points in the Shop for items.

Q: How can I get Energy back?

A: Every 30 minutes you'll get 5 Energy. At 12:00 and 18:00 every day, you get an additional 50 Energy back. 

Q: When do I unlock gear?

A: You'll unlock gear at lv. 50.

Q: How do I get those Rune Bones?

A: Rune Bones can be won in Merc Trial as well as the Shop.

Q: How can I increase my Power?

A: The game will provide you with useful tips on leveling up if you click the Power Up! icon.

Q: How many stars do mounts have?

A: We have planned for up to 7 levels of mount, but more may come in the future.

Q: How can I be sure I will ascend my mount?

A: Mount ascension is indicated by progress. This shows the percentage that of how close your mount is to ascending to the next level.

Q: Is mount progress permanent?

A: Some high level mounts will have their progress reset.

Q: How do I unlock mount skills?

A: Ascending your mount will gradually unlock their skills.