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Classes and You

Each class in Winterfrost Legacy has their own specialty. Below you can see their strengths and weaknesses.

Mage Specialty: HP restoration and output.

Advantages: Powerful multi-target attacks and effective in challenging dungeons. However, requires more planned strategy for PVP.

Weaknesses: Low HP, vulnerable to physical damage.


Rogue: Specialties are high Dodge and high Crit.

Advantages: Powerful attacks against individual targets and quickly dispatching low HP enemies.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable against group attacks and not so effective for blitzing dungeons.



Specialty: High ATK and high CDMG.

Advantages: The Shaman's strengths are actually quite similar to the Warrior, since they possess decent ATK/DEF stats and decent damage dealing skills. Shamans are also reasonably effective at PK.

Weaknesses: Relies heavily on Dodge stats.


Warrior:Specialty: High HP and high Block.

Advantages: High HP and Block makes the Warrior effective for both offense and defense.

Also effective when attacking multiple targets.

Weaknesses: Low Crit and low output.