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Clan Wars

After server launch, the Clan Wars will take place every Wednesday and Saturday between 20:30 - 21:00.

Players must be at least lv. 50 and part of a clan to participate. 

For the initial Clan War, the number one ranking clan will be selected as the defending victors. Other clans will be challenging them for the title!

Defending Victor Requirements: Protect your gate's statues for 20 minutes. 

Attacking Victor Requirements: During the siege, first place will be awarded if the statues at the gates are destroyed within 20 minutes.

If the defending team wins, they continue to act as the defending team and add one victory to their streak.\n8. If the attacking team wins, they become the defending team.

All participants in the Clan Wars who stay on the Clan Wars map for more than 5 minutes will receive a participation prize!

The final reigning clan and its members will receive the Clan Champion Pack.

The leader of the final reigning clan will be the only one the server to receive the title 'King of Clans'. Other members of the clan will get the title 'King's Watch.'

The members of winning Clan will receive the Tyrant buff: raising total Merit from Merc Trials by 20%, raising Gold obtained from Crypt battles by 20%.

There are two kinds of clan war battle:

1. Siege

2. Capture

3. Rules and Rewards

4. Clan Wars Rankings

Clans who participate are ranked for their offensive and defensive capabilities.