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Chaos Chess

chaos chess.jpg

In Winterfrost Legacy there is a mysterious chess set that hides deadly bosses.

Chaos Chess unlocks at level 44 and is a great way of becoming more powerful and getting new gear.

Each chapter has 6 Bosses that must be defeated in order. After defeating each Boss there's a chance you might get some gear or a Gear Draft.

Each Boss has powerful skills that you'll have to contend with. Plan your team carefully so you can become a master of Chaos Chess!

You'll get a rating after defeating each Boss. The better your rating, the greater the chance of receiving awesome items as a reward.

If you get a 5-star rating for a Boss, you can click on the button on the top right hand part of the screen to instantly kill all of the Bosses in that chapter. After that you'll get a bonus treasure chest!

VIP3 players can reset Chaos Chess once a day, and VIP5 players can reset twice day. The system will automatically reset at midnight.